Overall Health

& Safety

Read all about our safety philosophy and get the basics here.

The Big 3

Specifics about our mask policy, social distancing while on the event site and the course, and sanitizing stations.

Water, Refreshments

Know our policy on providing water and what we're planning for refreshments this year.

The Rest of It!

Everything else regarding health & safety that doesn't fit in one of the other boxes! Adding more words so this box will be the same length as the others ;)

Event Day Health & Safety Rules - Attendee Expectations

(in great detail or in other words our GREAT EXPECTATIONS)

Overall Health & Safety

  • Above all, we are anticipating an amazing day of live competition, camaraderie, and support for each other and our community! In these times, it is each of our responsibilities to protect one another, ourselves, and the community at large. What follows is the plan we have created for a safe and healthy event day. We ask that each attendee reads this guide prior to event day and understands what is expected of them as part of the Westfield Turkey Trot community. That's right, we want YOU on our Team!

  • The event management reserves the right to disqualify and ask to leave anyone not following these rules of participation.

  • If you have any signs or symptoms related to COVID-19 including a temperature reading of 100.4 or higher … DO NOT ATTEND. We can convert your registration to a virtual run/walk, and you'll still have your cool commemorative shirt.

  • As per USA Track & Field and our Insurance Policy:

    • Participants, spectators, volunteers, and staff must perform a self-temperature check prior to arrival at the event and confirm it is below 100.4 degrees.

    • Attendees must not be experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19 (in the past 7 days), must not have had close sustained contact with anyone who was sick in the past 14 days, and must not have travelled internationally in the past 10 days (unless fully vaccinated or after a 7 day quarantine).

    • Event Day Safety Survey – Attendee Statement & Advisory

      • On event morning, by entering our event site in any capacity, you are confirming your acceptance and agreement to this statement. Please scroll down to read the text prior to event day.

Distancing, Masks, & Sanitizing - oh my!

  • Where to spend time on-site

    • Upon arrival (mininum of 45 minutes prior to your start is recommended to alleviate last minute line build-ups), report to the check-in tents and maintain social distance while waiting on line; once at the check-in table, give your name and wait to receive your bib and shirt.

    • Between check-in and start time, we would appreciate attendees to find a socially distanced area in the park to warm-up and enjoy the music. Basically, we are asking for you not to congregate near check-in, water, potties, etc.

    • After your run or walk, we encourage you to enjoy your Hot Soup & Bagels from a socially distanced area of the park. Again, please do not congregate at the finish area or refreshment tent. 

  • Masks

    • Masks are not currently required at outdoor gatherings as per the State of NJ.

    • We suggest that you consider carrying your mask around the event site and on the course in case you encounter a congested area.

  • Social Distancing

    • Always respect the personal space of others

    • Maintain a minimum of 6’ separation from other attendees, staff, and volunteers

    • Pass widely on course to maintain a minimum of 6’ distance (preferably 12’), put on your mask whenever this is not possible, slow down if necessary and announce your intention to pass so the other party has the opportunity to also put on their mask.

  • Sanitizing Stations

    • Hand sanitizer will be available at check-in, near the potties, at the event site water table, and at the finish/refreshments.

  • Restrooms

    • Please maintain social distance while waiting on the potty line.

    • Sanitizer will be available near the potties. 

    • There is also a public restroom building in the nearby parking lot that may offer sinks with soap and water. 

  • Other

    • Please NO spitting on-site or on the course...I know, "but we're runners!"...but No, not in 2021 our friends. 

    • Cough/sneeze away from people and into your elbow

    • Remember that in 2021 it is perfectly polite AND expected to NOT shake hands or high 5

    • Smiles and good vibes are always welcome!

Water & Refreshments

  • Water

    • Individual sealed water bottles will be available at the event site, as well as igloo containers for refilling personal water bottles.

    • The course water station(s) will only have individual sealed bottles (no grab n’ go cups) and igloo containers for refilling personal water bottles. It is recommended that you bring your own water for the course in a hydration pack or favorite water bottle to alleviate any congestion near the water station and in a completely different realm of existence...to reduce our environmental impact! 

  • Refreshments

    • We will return to Hot Soup and Bagels at the refreshments tent this year! Our Team will spread items out appropriately to eliminate anyone touching multiple items. Please ask if you need something. We ask that you please find a socially distanced area to enjoy your snacks and do not congregate at the finish area or refreshment tent to ensure a safe environment for all. After eating, please be mindful of the trash vs. recycling bins.

All The Other Non-Conformist-Doesn't Fit In Another Category Stuff

  • Start Line - We will be holding traditional start lines for all events. We recomemend that those seeking a more socially distanced experience at the start, wait near the back of the starting group until you are comfortable beginning your run. Please know that all runners' times start with the official "Go". 

  • 5K Results & Awards

    • We encourage you to look up your time on your smartphone to avoid congregating around printed results.

    • We will be hosting traditional awards ceremonies and we ask that everyone spread out in the field and maintain social distance during these events. 

  • Spectators: We are happy to announce that we can welcome spectators to the event. Please note that spectators are also subject to all rules and to the Event Day Safety Survey (see below). 

Event Day Safety Survey – Attendee Statement & Advisory

On event morning, by entering our event site in any capacity, you are confirming your acceptance and agreement to this statement.

Participant Statement

  • I certify that I have

    • performed a self-temperature check today and attest that my temperature was below 100.4 F.

    • not experienced any signs or symptoms related to COVID-19 within the past 7 days (OR at least 7 days from onset of any COVID-19 infection signs or symptoms AND at least 72 hours since signs / symptoms have resolved).

    • not been in close or sustained contact with anyone who was sick within the past 14 days.

    • not traveled internationally within 10 days of the event (unless fully vaccinated or have completed a 7 day quarantine after US arrival).

  • I understand the risks and possibility of contracting covid-19 or any other virus at an in-person gathering.

    • I take personal responsibility for that risk to my own health and safety.

    • I agree to protect others by following social distancing protocols.


Advisory to Participants

  • It is strongly recommended that individuals considered by the CDC to be “at-risk” NOT attend.

  • If these “at-risk” individuals choose to participate, it is recommended that they get clearance from their healthcare provider.